Professional Floor Grinding & Polishing Service in Dubai

In time Marble floors can deteriorate and become scratched and marked and therefore lose its shine and lustre. Super Fast can bring new life to your marble floor and give a finish that was once unimaginable. Our Technicians are fully trained to delicately clean, refinish and polish your marble floors by removing old stains, surface scratches and therefore restoring the floor to a new beautiful appearance.

Due to health and safety rules and regulations we would gratefully ask that all furniture and breakable items are removed from the room. We will then proceed to protect all skirting boards, units, walls and cupboards using water proof plastic sheeting and low tack tape.


Diamond Grinding and Diamond Polishing

Diamond grinding process of using a floor rotary machine containing course grade diamonds to remove deep gouges and scratches.

Diamond honing A process of using a floor rotary machine with medium grade diamonds to produce a smooth flat finish removing grinding marks, light scratches and etch marks.

Diamond polishing A process of using a floor rotary machine with various grades of polishing diamonds to produce a highly polished finish.

Diamond grinding and diamond polishing

Powder polishing or Crystallization is a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate surface of the stone that produces a high gloss mirror finish and the final process after diamond polishing.

Lippage removal Lippage is the removal of stone edges that are higher than the adjacent edges giving the floor surface an uneven appearance.

We use special coarse grade diamonds to flatten the raised stone edges to provide an even finish.

Stone floor sealer Most natural stone floor sealers are below the surface sealers called impregnating sealers that do not alter the original finish. They are highly recommended for newly installed floors to help protect the floor at installation stage and to prevent grout bleed.

Impregnating seals are designed to be absorbed by the stone to fill up its pores reducing its absorbency rate which helps prevent possible accidental spills resulting in stains from being absorbed by the stone.

Grout Cleaning

We manually clean every grout line with a grout brush, this attention to detail provides us with the best grout cleaning results. We also employ a stone floor tiler to repair and replace stone floor tiles.

Stain removal and crack repairs

Stain removal We use various stain removing products, diamond discs and poultice methods to remove dull spots, etch marks, food and drink stains.

Scratch removal We diamond grind and hone out deep and light scratches.

Crack repairs We repair cracks by filling with an epoxy resin before honing and polishing the surface to help match the existing stone finish.

Pits and holes We manually clean out pits and holes, resin fill holes before honing and polishing to a smooth finish.



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Floor Grinding And Polishing Company in Dubai

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