PROFESSIONAL Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

Curtains, Drapes or blinds adds charm to your Home/workplace and makes it look more beautiful. The material of these window and door coverings start getting stained, dusty, and dull over time. Other issues you may notice are discolouration due to exposure to the sun, improper cleaning, or due to dirt settlement. provides the complete solutions for that can reinstate the appearance of your blinds and curtains. If you want a highly trained and professional team to take care of your curtains, drapes or blinds without causing any damage at all, you can count on us.

Our range of clients include

  • In residential we do Home drapery and Curtain Cleaning so you can make the best first impression.
  • In commercial space, we do Offices curtain and blind so you can provide a clean working environment
  • Hotels and Motel’s curtain to make it welcoming for your guests,
  • educational institutes such as colleges, School’s curtain, and blinds cleaning to create a healthy and safer environment,
  • Medical facilities curtain and blinds cleaning to create a hygienic environment,
  • Religious facilities.
  • Real estate property curtain and blinds cleaning,
  • Aged homes and childcare curtain cleaning

Our Treatment

  • Curtain steam cleaning
  • Curtain dry cleaning
  • Curtain stain removal
  • Curtain mould removal
  • Curtain odour removal
  • Curtain stain protection
  • Onsite and offsite curtain laundry services
  • Curtains rubber back cleaning

Cleaning process


  • Detailed inspection to test the fibre.
  • Removal of particles with a high-efficiency particulate filter.
  • Pre-treatment of any stains.
  • Curtain steam cleaning or dry Curtain Cleaning depending upon the examination.
  • Curtain deodorization to revive the shine.


  • Curtain Cleaners take down your curtains and take to our dry cleaning facility before we take down the proper measurement to avoid any shrinkage, correct count of curtains and Tiebacks, a note of any previous damages.
  • We discuss the cleaning cost with you and inform of you any specific risks associated with cleaning.
  • Once the curtains are ready, our people will bring it back to you, not only that we will hang it for you.

Curtains & Blinds we Clean

Type of curtains and Blinds we clean, Roman blinds Cleaning, Roller blinds Cleaning, Eyelet curtains Cleaning, Pelmets and valances curtains Cleaning, Pencil pleat Curtains Cleaning, Tab top curtains Cleaning, Linen curtain Cleaning, Lace curtains Cleaning, Cased heading curtains Cleaning, Box pleated curtains Cleaning, Full-length drop curtains Cleaning, Rubber backing curtains Cleaning, Venetian blinds Cleaning, Acrylic backed fabric curtain Cleaning, Sheer curtains Cleaning, Goblet pleat curtains Cleaning, Drapes Cleaning, Double box pleat curtains Cleaning, Pleat curtains Cleaning, Panel Blinds cleaning, Vertical blinds cleaning, Drapes cleaning, Pleated blinds cleaning, Tailored Pleat curtain cleaning,

Why Choose Us?Curtains & Blinds we Clean

  • Free take down and rehanging curtains
  • Efficient and quality cleaning at an affordable price our possibly the lowest price
  • No colour fading, shrinkage or any other damage after cleaning
  • Enhanced the life of curtains
  • Eco friendly product
  • Emergency service
  • The least disturbance to your home or business
  • We can perform without taking down curtains
  • Same-day booking


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Curtain Steam Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE