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It can be difficult to identify a bed bug infestation as they hide in cracks and crevices such as the joins in your bed frame, behind the headboard, behind the skirting boards and other items of furniture around your home. Once you think your property is infested it is extremely important to take immediate actions as bed bugs can cause serious health problem like severe allergic reactions, skin rashes, even anaemia. City Serve Pest Control will be happy to help you deal with your problem and make sure you and your family are safe.

Important: Bed Bugs inject saliva into your skin which can cause bad reactions & they can spread very easily around your house so you will need to act quickly to reduce the chance of these. We can rid your home of these pests to make if safe again!

The 3 steps to getting rid of a Bed Bug Problem:

1. Identify

Our technicians will conduct a survey within your home to identify all the ingress points where they are getting in. The level of infestation. Where the source of the problem came from. The correct proceedure for your individual situation.

bed bugs control dubai2.Treatment

The bed bug treatment itself is carried out over two visits, about two weeks apart. See below down for detail of treatment.

pest control service dubai3. Prevention

The pest exterminator will offer you advice on prevention of future bed bug infestations. Our IGR (see below) protects your home against future infestations for 4 months (this also includes other insects such as spiders etc).

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Our certified Bed Bug Pest Control Team are fully qualified and insured so that they can conduct a full survey of your home. We provide a personal approach as every home is different and ensure that every home is pest free. We are very discrete and have unmarked vehicles to not alert anyone to this matter.

Super Fast Pest Control offer the best results in Dubai, UAE with our 100% success rate and all for a rock bottom price.

Call us today and get a comprehensive bed bug control service that will eradicate these harmful insects once and for all.


*We are approved by Dubai Municipality and licensed by Dubai Economic Department.

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