PROFESSIONAL Water Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai, UAE – (DM Approved)

Tank cleaning using purpose built SUPER FAST tank cleaners to reduce water loss.

We use the very latest methods of Cleaning, disinfection technique & modern disinfection chemical to ensure a superior level of hygiene, stripping of layers of bio-film known to harbor the legion Ella bacteria, whilst being safer, environmentally-friendly and better value for money.When we use water to drink, wash and cook, it is essential that the water store in a clean and healthy environment. Irregular cleaning and disinfecting of tanks could lead to the growth of harmful bacteria that are the cause of several diseases.

Environmental Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Sales Dubai, UAE

General service includes:

  • Site visit to confirm suitability of the tank for Super Fast cleaning;
  • Super Fast clean of tank floor and/or walls (as ordered) to reduce OH&S risks and water loss;
  • Photos and videos of cleaning;
  • Compilation of above into a photo report;
  • Optional collation of tank specifications to facilitate future maintenance requests can be added.

Fire service providers only:

Service complies with AS1851-2012 requirements for tank cleaning as per Table 5.4.4 of Section 5, while conserving water.  Completion of AS1851-2012 compliant logbook (supplied if not already on site).

Tank cleaning required by:

  • Fire service providers every 1st and 10 years as a minimum
  • Facilities or building managers
  • Asset maintenance firms

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Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai, UAE