Professional Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai, UAE

By booking our deep cleaning service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you take advantage of a fully customizable cleaning service, you can specify the rooms of your property that need cleaning and what is of priority to you. We will gladly follow your requirements and professionally deep clean the property. Our services are done by professionals with years of experience, using high-end equipment and eco-friendly detergents.

To keep your home in the best possible condition we also recommend the service to be performed annually or biannually. Once your home has been deep cleaned, it will be much easier to maintain it clean afterwards.


  • Kitchen deep cleaning & sanitizing by steam machine,
  • All cabinets and cupboard cleaning (Inside/outside)
  • Electric switches, sockets & PowerPoints cleaning
  • Bathrooms deep cleaning & sanitizing by steam machine
  • Balcony cleaning
  • Wooden door cleaning with wood polisher
  • Windows cleaning (Inside, and outside if the access is available).
  • Window frames cleaning
  • Grouting cleaning by floor machine
  • Complete floor scrubbing by machine (deep cleaning)
  • Wooden floor cleaning by wood dusters
  • Complete floor mop and disinfection app




Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai